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Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. (SGTI)
6982 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323.726.0700 or 800.360.7484
Contact: For sales inquiries contact:, 323.726.0700 …


Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Company Description Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® (SGTI) specializes in providing premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. We are a full-service…


Joint efforts: Ingredient combinations spur research, innovation

Jan 15, 2021 The joint health supplement category appeals to three main consumer groups, offering plenty of room for new products, concepts and users. “Sports and fitness activities are tough on cartilage, continually creating rough spots and wearing it out,” commented Steve Holtby, president and CEO of Soft Gel Technologies […]

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Is Contract Manufacturing Right for You?

September 24, 2020 7 top reasons to consider it, 13 questions you must ask, and cautions to keep in mind as COVID-19 continues to impact the supply chain. Steve Holtby, President & CEO, Soft Gel Technologies, Inc., …not[es] that contract manufacturers can provide instant expertise and infrastructure. This, he says, […]

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Nutricosmetics: Skin health from within – product development guide

August 4, 2020 Learn about ingredient solutions for the hot beauty-from-within category. Injuv® has solved the hyaluronic acid absorption dilemma—manufactured through a technique that greatly reduces molecular weight of HA, making it easily absorbed through the epithelial cells of the intestinal tract. Hyaluronic acid in its natural state is an […]

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Healthy Aging: Making the Connection

July 19, 2020 Healthy aging is a category that straddles numerous health benefits, including beauty from within, sports nutrition, as well as bone and joint health, to name a few.  Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. places more emphasis on an antiaging program from the inside out, shifting the focus of consumers […]

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