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Bulk Soft Gels from a Trusted Partner

As our company name implies, we make custom-made soft gels, and we strive to make them better than anyone else does through our special bulk soft gel manufacturing process! When you choose us as your soft gel contract GMP-certified manufacturer, you get an entire team who is devoted to delivering a problem-free experience and product.

Manufacture Softgels in Bulk

We have a diverse line of bulk stock products, which are available as smaller minimum order quantities. Our product catalog lists over 110 stock products itemized by:

  • Product Code
  • Product Description
  • Size/Shape
  • Shell Color
  • Carton Count.

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make as a brand marketer is choosing a trustworthy, regulations-compliant contract bulk soft gel manufacturer that fits your specific needs. Producing bulk soft gels is a complicated and unique process. Due to the composition of the soft gels, not every manufacturer can do it properly.

Manufacturing soft gels is a vastly different process from manufacturing capsules or tablets. There are multiple steps required to create a quality product. There are also many factors involved, including the following:

  • Equipment quality. Quality machinery = quality product. Select a manufacturer that uses proven, reputable equipment.
  • Drying process. The drying process is based on the type of soft gel capsule. Oil-based capsules should use an in-line drying system. If the capsules are not oil-based, you’ll want to use a standard tumbler dryer and drying tunnel system.
  • Experience. Employees should have the skills and knowledge to operate the equipment. This often requires rigorous training to easily handle bulk soft gel products.
  • Ideal formulation. Soft gels are hard to make due to the ingredients involved. The inside is liquid, while the shell is comprised of gelatin. The right amount of moisture is required for the gelatin to prevent it from becoming brittle or sticky. Your manufacturer needs to find the perfect formulation.

How Soft Gel Technologies Bulk Products Stand Out

We’re experts at manufacturing bulk soft gel products, and we’ve set the “gold standard.” Our soft gels are produced in a world-class facility and manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements. We monitor quality every step of the way.

As a bulk products manufacturer, you can count on us to meet your softgel production needs. Here are some other benefits we offer:

  • We produce branded soft gel products as well as custom formulations.
  • We hold multiple GMP quality certifications.
  • We work with complex ingredients, including those that are fragile, difficult to encapsulate, and difficult to absorb.

At the same time, we’re committed to sustainability, with our company reducing our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • We produce our own energy.
  • We recycle paper.
  • We utilize earth-friendly cleaning products.
  • We are a solvent-free facility.
  • We strive toward zero waste.
  • We don’t reuse leftover gelatin in any manufacturing process, and sell remnant gelatin to scrap gelatin processors.
  • We use energy-efficient LED lighting and motion sensors.

At Soft Gel Technologies, we’ve invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch employees. Our production team is precise in monitoring various factors during the production process, such as gelatin temperature, seam width, ribbon thickness, and fill quantity.

When you choose Soft Gel Technologies, you’ll receive open and honest communication, the highest standard, and product integrity assurance. We’re happy to assist you with your order. Contact us today.

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