CoQ10 Softgel Capsules

We offer several coenzyme Q1010 formulas in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system, including:

CoQsol-CF Highlights

Proper CoQ10 supplementation requires using a product that facilitates superior absorption. The crystalline structure of CoQ10 poses bioavailability issues because it is a fat-soluble compound and is a large molecule. CoQsol-CF is a breakthrough CoQ10 formulation that provides maximum solubility for increased bioavailability. As a completely soluble, liquid, crystal-free solution of CoQ10 clinically proven to provide enhanced bioavailability, our exclusive CoQsol-CF softgels are the CoQ10 capsules of choice for discriminating manufacturers.

CoQsol-CF is an off-the-shelf formulation available in two shell varieties, each with the same fill ingredients: our original opaque mustard-colored gelatin shells and our new translucent amber-colored gelatin shells.

CoQsol-CF includes the following trio of ingredients:

  • CoQ10. CoQ10 serves two main functions in the body. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 protects proteins, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage. As a participant in the production of cellular energy, CoQ10 helps ensure the body’s biggest energy consumers—the heart and the brain—are well-fed.
  • d-Limonene. Extracted from the oil of citrus fruits, food-grade d-limonene acts as a non-polar organic solvent that solubilizes CoQ10, without causing significant chemical interactions or degradation.
  • Tocopherols. A form of vitamin E, tocopherols enhance the biological function of CoQ10, which in turn helps maintain the antioxidant state of vitamin E.

CoQH-CF Highlights

Ubiquinol easily oxidizes and converts back to ubiquinone on contact with air. We have perfected a solution to keep the reduced form of CoQ10 just that—reduced. Using our crystal-free (CF) technology, ubiquinol is protected from being oxidized; we take great care to prevent the introduction of oxygen through the manufacturing process. Our exclusive CoQH-CF softgels deliver a stable, solubilized form of Kaneka Ubiquinol, so the body can effectively use this important antioxidant for optimum health, longevity, and vitality.

CoQH-CF softgels are a clinically-studied, targeted antioxidant solution for those who need it most—the late middle-aged to elderly and individuals with oxidative stress conditions. Published clinical research demonstrates that CoQH-CF, in a softgel delivery system, plays a key role in enhancing the effectiveness of delivering ubiquinol into the bloodstream for maximum utilization.

CoQsol Highlights

Known as the “biochemical spark,” CoQ10 is a widely-studied nutrient that assists in normal heart function and promotes efficient cellular energy production. CoQsol is a multi-ingredient CoQ10 softgel capsule formulation, which delivers powerful antioxidants vital to human health. CoQsol is formulated with a unique, synergistic blend of high-quality ingredients for superior absorption, containing CoQ10, natural mixed carotenoids, natural vitamin E (tocopherols), and rice bran oil. Backed by clinical research, CoQsol increases CoQ10 levels almost three times higher than CoQ10 powder.

CoQsol sets the standard for premium quality, natural, and highly bioavailable CoQ10 supplements in a soft gelatin capsule. It is effective as a single nutrient softgel or can be blended with other powerful ingredients to make a unique turnkey formulation.

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A Completely Soluble, Crystal-Free CoQ10

Stable, Bioavailable Ubiquinol

The CoQ10 Suspension Solution

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