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Custom Made Supplements Exclusively for You

We can take a customer’s concept and deliver a product ready for sale. We are always willing to establish a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with our customers. If a customer comes to us with a custom softgel formula, we create a turnkey product for them that is manufactured exclusively for them. Once your product is created, we will not produce it for anyone else.

How to Get Started With Your Custom Made Supplements

With our team of experts, we can easily walk you through the process of your custom formulation supplement, and creating the perfect product. We can discuss the different variables that people often overlook when venturing to manufacture a custom formula, including color, dosage, serving size, and desired packaging, to name a few.

1. What is your minimum order quantity?


Custom products generally require a minimum order of 300,000 softgels, which is one of the lowest requirements compared to several of our competitors.

For stock items, products can be ordered by the case. Our case counts are shown in our product list, and range anywhere from 3,000/case to 20,000/case.

2. What are your lead times?


Custom turnkey products may require up to a 10-12 week lead time. This can vary depending on raw material procurement and testing. We not only perform standard analysis on finished softgels such as micro- and active- ingredient testing, but we also do extensive testing on raw materials for identity, potency, and contaminants where applicable, to assure ourselves and our customers that the ingredients we use are viable.

For in-stock items, we can ship immediately as long as it’s in stock and payment terms are situated.

4. Are you able to help with a custom formula?

Yes, if a customer reviews our product catalog and doesn’t see exactly what they are hoping to launch, we have a great product development group who can assist with something special and unique to that customer.

5. What is the shelf life of your softgels?

Between 2-3 years, depending on our in-house, real-time stability testing.

6. Do you have vegetarian (veggie) softgels?

We offer fish gelatin as an alternative to bovine or porcine gelatin. There are possible drawbacks to consider when using non-animal gelatin. Please call us to talk about your options.

7. Do you do bottling?

We can have bottling handled for customers unable to do so themselves. Customers need to provide the labels. Minimum orders for bottling generally starts at around 500 bottles (at any softgel count) when referring to in-stock items, and depends on bulk case count (we only have full cases bottled).

8. Can you help with product documentation?

Yes, our team is happy to assist with any paperwork needed. All manufacturing is done according to current Good Manufacturing Practices. We provide Certificates of Analysis with every batch.

9. Are you GMP certified?

We maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification through NSF’s Dietary Supplement Certification program and the Natural Products Association (NPA)/UL, and have held these certifications for many years prior to the emergence of the FDA GMPs. We have also gone an extra step and are certified through NSF’s Athletic Banned Substances program, also known as GMP for Sport™. We feel that maintaining these certifications ensures that all of our processes continue to be current with, and exceed, standard regulations in the industry.

10. What is “GMP for Sport”?

We have gone an extra step and are certified through NSF’s Athletic Banned Substances program, also known as GMP for Sport™, which means that our products will not contain any ingredients that might be of concern to professional athletes with regard to drug testing.

11. Do you make CBD softgels?

Yes, and there are considerations we need to make when reviewing hemp raw materials, so we request that customers provide the following documentation:

– Original dried crop testing < 0.3% THC per 2014/2018 Farm Bill

– Product specification

– Certificate of analysis for each batch

– Country of origin/extraction statement

– Allergen statement

– Pesticide statement

– Residual solvents statement

– Proposition 65 statement

– Raw material manufacturing flow chart

– Safety Data Sheet

– Material is not CBD Isolate or distillate of an isolate

– Example of the retail label you plan to use for this product

12. Are you Halal certified?


Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. has been audited by Islamic Services of America (ISA) and conforms to Halal standards for the production of specially Halal-certified products. We are Halal compliant and Halal certified by Islamic Services of America (ISA) for the manufacture of Halal softgel capsule supplements for any small or large customer private label brand products.

13. What is Halal Certification?


The ISA symbol on products and services indicates a company, facility and products have qualified for Halal verification. The certification process is conducted by the highly trained and knowledgeable ISA staff.

14. Do you do business in Canada?


Yes. We are listed on the Health Canada website because we have been issued a foreign site reference number, which means we are licensed to manufacture, package, label, and/or import natural products.

15. Do you do tolling (customer provides the material to be encapsulated)?


It is an option we will consider. In most cases, we would prefer to purchase the material directly from the supplier, and sell them the finished softgels. This is of benefit to both parties, as it eliminates questions of responsibility in cases of lower yield or other issues.

Several of our customers use our product catalog as a starting point for creating unique formulas that differentiate them from their competitors. We have a strong network of ingredient suppliers, which enables us to offer faster turnaround times for formulation quotes and finished goods, and can often help us to obtain better pricing for our customers. By having us do the work, the customer can focus on branding and marketing the new product.

When you partner with us, you’ll find that effective communication is a big factor in developing a successful working relationship with our customers. A great deal of time is spent understanding what key factors are most important to a prospective customer. We have a skilled and experienced staff, which promotes a better understanding of a customer’s expectations.

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