May 6, 2021

Something is only as strong as its structure—and in the case of bones and joints, structural integrity status is critical. Here’s a look at how supplements help preserve mobility.

Calcium forms—gluconate, lactate and phosphate—need to be considered, advised Steve Holtby, president and CEO, Soft Gel Technologies Inc., California. He explained, “For people and others low in stomach acid, the ionized forms of calcium, such as chelate and citrate, tend to be more soluble and have a greater absorption rate.”


Holtby added that calcium citrate has other characteristics to consider as well—it is much more absorbable than calcium carbonate but contains only half as much elemental calcium and must be taken in larger quantities, resulting in larger pills. Calcium citrate can be used individuals taking acid-lowering drugs who may not be able to absorb calcium as easily.