If you’re ready to get your supplements on the shelves as soon as possible but aren’t sure where to start, collaborating with private-label supplement manufacturers may be just what you need. You can trust them to get it right, so you can let go of some of those technical tasks and turn your attention to other parts of your business. 

Choosing the right supplement manufacturing company to work with can make all the difference in your success, but how do you find the best one? Here’s everything you need to know about how to find a private label manufacturer that can enhance your product line and achieve mastery over your brand.

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What Is a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

A private label supplement manufacturer is a company that specializes in supplement production for other businesses under their own brand names. These manufacturers work closely with retailers, online sellers, or health industry professionals to formulate and produce supplements that meet their specific requirements. 

Supplement sales incorporate many elements, including research and development, production regulations, and specific equipment. Not everyone who sells supplements has the resources or expertise to support the development and manufacturing parts of the process. 

Fortunately, you can work with a private label supplement manufacturer who will handle all of these details for you. This is particularly wise for small businesses without the staff, space, equipment, or budget to make their products. 

Benefits of Working with A Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Partnering with a private label supplement manufacturer offers several advantages to businesses. These manufacturers can leverage their expertise and help companies carve a distinct market presence through their production process.

A private-label supplement manufacturer can help you in the following ways: 

      • Increase efficiency
      • Monitor and manage the production process
      • Organize packaging
      • Market more effectively
      • Develop new products
      • Gather unusual ingredients
      • Ensure everything meets the highest standards and passes regulations

Many business-savvy and educated company owners prefer to outsource this part of the process so they can focus on the marketing, logistical, and financial aspects, along with day-to-day operations. 

Private Label vs. White Label

Both private-label and white label products are manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s name brand. The differences lie in how involved a company can be and how much a brand can customize its product. Which product type a brand chooses often depends on the level of control they desire over the products they sell. 

White-label products are also referred to as stock products. The most significant difference between white label and private label products is that white label items are made: 

      • In bulk
      • In advance
      • For multiple buyers

Essentially, “white label” is a term used to include stock products sold by multiple companies using their own logos and brand names. White-label products often have a higher ROI since they are ready and waiting when needed

Private label products, on the other hand, are custom-made for a specific brand or seller. Although getting your product on the market may take longer, you can design it exactly how you want it. You’ll need to factor in time for research and development, but in the end, you’ll have a product exclusive to your brand. 

How to Choose the Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Choosing a collaborative private label supplement manufacturer, you can trust is essential. You’ll count on them to deliver products that meet your standards and specifications, and you don’t want to worry about whether they’ll get the job done. Use the criteria below to help you find the best private label manufacturer for your supplements. 


Look for a provider that has earned international certifications from third-party inspectors. These certifications will help you be confident that you’re working with a company that follows safety regulations and meets high industry standards. 


Find out if the manufacturer provides both private label and white label supplements. This way, you can offer your customers many popular stock items and a few custom brand formulas. 

Quality Ingredients

Ask the provider what ingredient options they offer, where they source them, and whether they’ve been tested for safety and potency. If they can provide a wide variety of high-quality, patent-protected, international ingredients from an extensive supplier network, they’ll likely be able to accommodate your needs.


When you work with a private label manufacturer, knowing their policy for working with new products is essential. If you work with them to create a unique formula, do you retain the rights to the recipe, or can they share it with other buyers? Look for a company that will create a turnkey product just for you, a company that keeps the formula private. 

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Research a company’s minimum order threshold. For greater flexibility and agility in inventory management, a manufacturer with lower minimum order quantities can better cater to businesses of all sizes. This ability is especially crucial for niche markets or companies wanting to test market demand with different product offerings. 

Quick Turnaround Times

It’s vital to stay competitive, no matter your market. Investigate a manufacturer’s production speed and its ability to meet tight deadlines. A manufacturer with quick turnaround times is more likely to be able to respond to demand surges or help you capitalize on seasonal trends with a reliable supply chain.


Below are answers to commonly asked questions about supplement manufacturers.

Can I make and sell my own supplements?

Yes, you can make and sell your own supplements by contracting with a supplement manufacturer that can help you develop and produce custom formulations, manufacture your products, and deliver products to sell under your brand name. Working with a supplement manufacturer ensures labeling, marketing, and packaging compliance for your products.

How do I choose a supplement manufacturer?

To find a supplement manufacturer, research its reputation, experience, certifications, production capabilities, privacy, customization options, and ability to meet your order requirements. The right supplement manufacturer will align with your company’s needs and your brand’s standards with high-quality ingredients and various product offerings. 

How much does it cost to start a supplement brand?

The cost of starting a supplement brand varies, depending on factors like product type, inventory complexity, packaging, order quantities, and the manufacturing process. Typical expenses include formulation development, which may take some time, and multiple samples to land on a final product, as well as manufacturing and marketing costs. 

In addition to product costs, it’s essential to consider other expenses like your storefront, promotion, and business permits and licenses. It can be helpful to find a private-label manufacturer with low minimum order quantities and in-house support for development and manufacturing to maximize your start-up budget.

Do I need a license to sell supplements?

You may not need a license to start a supplement business or sell supplements in the United States. Still, you must comply with specific labeling, manufacturing, and safety regulations. These requirements are why it’s crucial to partner with a trusted supplement manufacturer. A certified private label supplement manufacturer understands your target market’s specific requirements for supplement formulation and labeling to ensure safety, quality, and consumer trust.

What’s the difference between OEM and private label manufacturers?

While an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) traditionally produces products based on a brand’s specifications, a private label manufacturer does this and performs other services, such as assisting in creating custom formulations and branding. A private label supplement manufacturer offers a more comprehensive solution for businesses wanting to develop, produce, and sell unique products. 

How do I find a private label manufacturer?

You can find a private label manufacturer for your supplement business by researching manufacturers in the industry and determining whether they have all the required tools and services to start your company and make your brand stand out. Research companies that specialize in your desired products—look at third-party certifications and order samples to get a feel for the quality of their formulations.

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