Company startup costs can absolutely shoot through the roof, especially when you factor in the time and cost of production for a new product. When your business is based on nutrition and biology, things can get even more complicated. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all the legwork yourself. 

A professional supplement packaging company like Soft Gel Technologies, Inc can get you started with high-quality supplements that are customized to your specifications and ready for your customers.

Why Use a Supplement Packaging Company?

For starters, manufacturing vitamins and supplements requires a very different skill set than marketing and finances. You may be excited to run a business promoting products you believe in, wanting to help people live a healthier lifestyle. You may even have a business degree or years of experience, along with a sizable network in the industry. 

However, if you don’t have the equipment, knowledge, and skill required to manufacture your supplements, you still don’t have a product to sell.

Rather than waste resources building this skill and purchasing cutting-edge equipment, you can join forces with a contract supplement manufacturer who already knows the science. With Soft Gel Technologies, Inc, you tell us what you’re looking for and we make it happen.

Why Choose Soft Gel Technologies, Inc?

We can help you get started with supplement production, no matter where you are at in the process. 

  • We use a state-of-the-art laboratory run by skilled and highly trained chemists to ensure that every product is of the best possible quality and meets all FDA requirements. 
  • We provide assistance with research and development, as well as the ability to recreate a previously designed formula. 
  • We work with an extensive network to ensure the safety of all ingredients used, acquire unique ingredients from all over the world, and thoroughly test all products. 
  • We use unbiased third parties for additional testing.
  • We specialize in creating supplements that are high-quality and unique.
  • We are skilled in the use of ingredients that are fragile and difficult to absorb or encapsulate.
  • We offer exclusive, patent-protected ingredients.
  • We provide confidentiality when using a customer’s formula and create a turnkey product exclusively for them.
  • We promote our products using extensive clinical research and educational outreach.

Create Your Own Custom Supplements

Contact us at Soft Gel Technologies, Inc to learn more about how we can help you get your supplement business up and running today. Find out for yourself why working with a supplement packaging company will give you the best final product for your customers—at a price that works for you.