Outsourcing is a great way for companies to save valuable time and money during production, and this definitely includes supplements. When you outsource supplement manufacturing, you benefit in a variety of ways. Essentially, you can hand all the stress of manufacturing off to someone else and focus your energy on marketing and other important areas of your business. When you collaborate with Soft Gel Technologies, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that your products are made by one of the best supplement manufacturers available.

Pros and Cons

Although there may be a few drawbacks, you’ll most likely find that there are enough benefits connected to outsourcing supplement manufacturing to make it a clear choice. Doing your research before you begin is a great way to make sure you are choosing the right option for you. 

Pro: Save Time

One of the biggest ways you will benefit from outsourcing your supplement production comes down to all the saved time you can now use for other projects. When you manufacture your products on-site, you have to address any inefficiencies that occur during the process. You also have to monitor and manage production, organize packaging, and designate employee hours to complete each step of the process. When supplements are manufactured off-site, your staff can be utilized in other areas.

Con: Shared Control

One disadvantage to outsourcing is that you will need to give up a certain amount of control. It is important that you find a company to work with that has standards as high as yours and communicates well with your team. If you are unable to rely on the provider to create the product you need, you may have to look elsewhere. The best supplement manufacturers will have quality certifications and the ability to work with your custom formulations.

Pro: Save Space

Manufacturing supplements requires specific, high-tech equipment that takes up a lot of space. When you don’t need to have the manufacturing equipment, ingredients, and packaging supplies in your facility, you can easily operate out of a smaller space. You can work in an office or building that is much less expensive to heat, cool, power, and lease. You’ll also be closer in proximity to other staff members, making it easier to communicate and interact as needed. 

The only potential drawback with this point is that your products will not be on-site at all times. You will need to coordinate shipping and distribution, either with the manufacturer or by having the products sent to and from your facility.

Con: Finding a Provider

Another drawback to outsourcing is that it can be difficult to find a high-quality provider that you work well with. Reach out to the company first and get to know the way they operate and what they can and can’t do for you. Ask about their ingredients and where they come from, what their quality control process is like, and what services they provide.

Pro: Support Rising Demand

Outsourcing supplement manufacturing will also help you keep up with demand as your company grows. You will not need to waste resources adding more equipment or staffing to meet production goals. You will always be able to provide products to your consumers in a timely and professional manner.

Soft Gel Technologies

Soft Gel Technologies uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce and market turnkey custom formulations, as well as branded products. Our staff is highly skilled and trained to work with challenging ingredients that are sourced from all over the world. We have several quality certifications from internationally recognized third-party inspectors. We will also collaborate with you on research and development, marketing, and analytics. 

We understand the significance of sustainable manufacturing, which is why we strive for zero waste and utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products. Furthermore, we produce our own energy and use motion sensors with energy-efficient LED lighting.Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you outsource supplement manufacturing and streamline your production process today.