When you have dedicated yourself to improving your clients’ health and lives through dietary supplements, you want to ensure that you choose the best supplement manufacturers. But what separates one from another as the best in the industry? We’ve put together eight key elements to outline how to find a supplement manufacturer.

8 Qualifications to Look for in a Supplement Supplier

Your needs for a supplement manufacturer can change, especially when you offer different products to your customers. But regardless of what your company provides, it’s helpful to look at the following eight qualifications before you choose a manufacturing partner. 

1. Industry Experience

Often, a manufacturer’s length of experience goes hand-in-hand with knowledge of the process and regulatory requirements. But don’t confine yourself to using the company that has been in business the longest. New, up-and-coming manufacturers have the potential to bring new technology and techniques to the trade.

2. Certifications

Manufacturer certifications are vital to the integrity of your supplement products. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 establishes the criteria and monitoring of the safety and labeling of nutraceutical products.

As a supplement supplier, you want to make sure your manufacturer has an impeccable current Good Manufacturing Practice standing (cGMP). When considering suppliers, you can also consult other resources, such as:

  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • NSF International
  • Informed Choice
  • Natural Products Association (NPA)

You will also need to consider other certifications your products must meet. For your products to be labeled kosher, gluten-free, vegan, pesticide-free, etc., your manufacturer must take additional steps to maintain these standards.

3. Lab and Research Facilities

Before committing to a manufacturer, ask for a tour of their facilities. Not only do you want to make sure they are clean and well-run, but you also want to pay special attention to their laboratory facilities. When touring the lab, ensure the staff uses current equipment and procedures.

Consider going with a manufacturer who goes beyond production to pursue research and development opportunities, particularly if you want to expand the business.

4. Product Stocking and Order Fulfillment

Ask your manufacturer about the product stocking capacity and order fulfillment capabilities. Some specific questions to ask include:

  • Can you keep specific products on hand at all times? 
  • Are you able to fulfill a large order quickly and efficiently?

5. Turnaround Time

Find out the manufacturer’s turnaround time from the time of order to the day of delivery. As you learn more about turnaround times, determine whether they’re the same for existing and new products.

6. Packaging, Shipping, and Storage Options

Depending on your business model, you may want to partner with a supplier who can package products on your behalf. Some manufacturers only offer wholesale products, which would put the packaging back on your team to handle. 

It’s also important to consider the shipping and storage options various manufacturers offer. Review the numbers and determine if it makes more fiscal sense to outsource the packaging, shipping, and storage or handle those tasks internally.

7. Minimum Order Requirements

Review any minimum order requirements before entering into a manufacturing contract. If your order volumes don’t meet the minimums, you’ll waste money on products you can’t use.

8. Availability of Custom Formulations

The supplement market projections include an estimated annual revenue of $37.2 billion in 2022. Standing out in the industry often involves offering unique products with custom formulations. Make sure your manufacturer can oblige by creating customized products for your business.

Bonus: Can You Provide Your Own Ingredients?

If you want to supply the ingredients for products, find out from the manufacturer whether your company would be subject to an additional cost.

What Is the Best Supplement Manufacturer?

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