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Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. (SGTI)
6982 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
323.726.0700 or 800.360.7484
Contact: For sales inquiries contact:, 323.726.0700 …


Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Company Description Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® (SGTI) specializes in providing premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. We are a full-service…


Smart Supplements For: Sharper, Calmer, Happier

November 21, 2019 The brain is arguably the body’s most complex and hungry organ. Densely packed with approximately 86 billion cells and a delicate super-highway of whisper-thin… “’Some bad players contaminate or spike their products and can be potentially dangerous,’ cautions [Steve] Holtby. To keep your customers safe (and maintain […]

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The challenge of manufacturing novel supplement delivery formats

October 17, 2019 Concerns such as ingredient compatibility, product stability, and manufacturing capabilities all come into play when facing a novel delivery form. Here’s how contract manufacturers can help. “As Steve Holtby, president and CEO, Soft Gel Technologies Inc. (SGTI; Commerce, CA), says, ‘Softgel production is a very unique and […]

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The Evolution of Contract Manufacturing

September 26, 2019 Letting someone else deal with the “headaches” so you can focus on making your brand shine? That’s just one of the reasons experts say CMOs can help you get ahead. But choosing a qualified, quality partner is essential. “While the decision to subcontract is a big one, […]

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Contract Manufacturers ID 10 Top Trends for 2020

September 26, 2019 In part 1 of this feature, titled The Evolution of Contract Manufacturing, WholeFoods asked contract manufacturers to identify the trends of today that will… “[Steve Holtby, president & CEO, Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.] he stresses that it is the responsibility of dietary supplement manufacturers to ensure that […]

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Omega-3 market in 2019

September 9, 2019 Even in the face of an equivocal study or two—or concerns over sourcing, regulatory setbacks, and the occasional pharma-driven lawsuit—omega-3s retain a sterling reputation that other supplements can only envy. “While the decision to subcontract is a big one, Steve Holtby, president and CEO of Soft Gel […]

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Upcoming Trade Shows

SupplySide West
(SGTI Booth #3257)

October 30 @ 10:00 am - October 31 @ 5:30 pm