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Our Capsule Manufacturing Services

As a capsule manufacturing company, we specialize in the production and marketing of premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system.

building custom formulation

Custom Formulation

We can assist you with product development from start to finish, which includes an entire team devoted to delivering a problem-free experience and product.

Bulk Products

We have a diverse line of bulk stock products, which are available as smaller minimum order quantities and made in a US-based manufacturing facility.

Branded Products

We consider an ingredient’s safety and efficacy, supporting clinical studies, and points of differentiation before adding it to our portfolio of brands.

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

Features & Benefits


With our team of capsule manufacturing experts, we can easily walk you through the process of formulating your custom supplement, thereby creating the perfect product.


It is our highest priority to provide excellent customer service through continued follow-up from the time you place your order until it delivers to your facility.


We provide testing through all stages of production—incoming raw materials, in-process quality checks, and final product testing for potency and quality.


As a responsible manufacturing partner, we ensure that our products are made in an LA-based, solvent-free facility, where they contain the intended ingredients and are absent of contaminants.


Our goal is to provide you with unique technologies, products, and services that ultimately allow you to differentiate your brand and deliver superior soft gel formulas to your consumers.

Advantages of Softgels

Why use soft gelatin capsules

Softgels have many desirable properties and several advantages over tablets and hard-shell capsules. Soft gelatin capsules are easy to swallow, disintegrate quickly, and can significantly improve the bioavailability of active ingredients. Softgel capsules can be adapted for many specialized uses. Consumers can see that soft gels are hermetically sealed, which not only protects the active ingredients in the fill material from oxidation, moisture, and microbial contamination, but also are tamper-proof. Problems with the one-piece softgels would be indicated through leakage or discoloration. This dosage form is precise and uniform, providing greater stability, purity, and consistency of the nutrients encapsulated.

Another key strength of using softgels is their versatility. There are wide varieties of shell colors, shapes, and sizes available to offer product differentiation in the market. Although aesthetically-pleasing supplements appeal to the consumer’s eye, the inner fill of the capsule is even more important. Softgel capsules can accommodate a wide variety of compounds filled as a semi-solid, liquid, gel, or paste. Also, more emulsion and micro-encapsulated materials are being put into softgel capsules, making them more functional and giving a greater variety of choices as to availability and dosing.

Purpose-Driven Products

We strive to be good corporate citizens, which includes considering the environmental impact of our operations and balancing the needs of our business with those of the community.

Today’s consumers are interested in corporate environmental and social efforts. Being a conscious business that operates in Southern California, we want to do our part to help those who are less fortunate. We are proud to support The Power of a Shower charitable organization in their community outreach efforts in arranging basic hygiene needs for the houseless population in Los Angeles with dignity and respect. The Power of a Shower is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the houseless, or those in need of access, to a bathroom with toilets, showers, and a place to put on some clean clothes. A portion of your softgel purchase goes towards supporting this organization.

By adopting a strategy of lean manufacturing and green thinking, we have streamlined our production process and are utilizing our resources more efficiently. Please visit our Corporate Conservation page to learn more about our environmental efforts.


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