Supplements can be a simple way to ensure we get more of what our bodies need to stay
strong and healthy. However, choosing the right ones isn’t always as simple as we hope it will
be. The product names and ingredients sometimes sound like a foreign language and we can
spend hours reading labels and digging through products on the shelves. The best way to
ensure you are choosing the best supplements for your unique needs is to speak with your
doctor and create a plan together. Utilize the knowledge of a medical professional to ensure
there will be no adverse side effects from combining supplements with medications, and to
avoid wasting money on the wrong products.

That being said, there are many great options out there. A little research on your part can point
you in the right direction and help you know what questions to ask your doctor. For example, if
you are looking for something to help with cardiovascular health, bone health, or joint health, then Sytrinol, nobiletin, or a combination of the two may be worth discussing with
your healthcare team. Learn more about Sytrinol and nobiletin supplements below.

What Is Sytrinol?

Sytrinol is an antioxidant supplement containing a patented blend of tocotrienols from palm oil
and flavonoids from citrus fruits, designed to have positive effects on the heart. The primary
polymethoxyflavones found in Sytrinol are nobiletin and tangeritin.

What Is Nobiletin?

Nobiletin is a flavonoid that may have benefits, as well as neuroprotective properties. It also may potentially support heart health and healthy blood sugar levels. In studies using mice, nobiletin exhibited powerful antioxidant properties against harmful free radicals.

How to Get More Nobiletin in Your Diet

Nobiletin is found in the peel and stringy fibers of some citrus fruits, including king oranges,
mandarin oranges, blood oranges, tangerines, and round kumquats. To really take advantage of
the benefits of nobiletin from food intake, you would have to consume a ridiculously large
amount of citrus fruit on a daily basis. Fortunately, supplements are available, or can be custom
made for companies who want to provide nobiletin supplements for their customers.

Benefits of a Nobiletin Supplement

A nobiletin supplement may contribute to a number of health benefits. Studies have shown positive results from using nobiletin for its neuroprotective capabilities. In animal trials, it improved motor and cognitive deficits, giving hope that it may be useful in supporting brain health. (still include reference)

The natural compounds in nobiletin may be beneficial in soothing aches from overexertion of everyday activities. Its potentially positive impact on the cardiovascular system may also be helpful.

Nobiletin may improve bone health for stronger and younger feeling bones. With approval from your doctor, it may be a good alternative.

Nobiletin may improve sleep quality. The body’s circadian rhythms can affect a variety of body functions, including metabolism, hormones, and sleep. Sytrinol and nobiletin are not typically sold as sleep aids, but stable circadian rhythms equal better sleep.

Soft-Gel Technologies Custom Supplement Formulation

Supplement companies looking for new products that contain nobiletin powder can work with
Soft-Gel Technologies to create custom formulations. We also sell bulk products and can
manufacture pre-existing formulations owned by distributors. We commonly establish
partnerships containing confidentiality agreements, so your formulations remain your own.

Contact Soft Gel Technologies to learn more about manufacturing and distributing nobiletin
capsules or to get started with your own custom product.

*Statements regarding the benefits and uses of nobiletin have not been evaluated by the FDA.