When it comes to supplements, we often have a choice between gel capsules and tablets. Both have advantages, so it may come down to personal preference. However, it’s important to make an informed decision so you can get the most out of your products. Use this guide to weigh gel capsules vs tablets and determine which is best for you.

What Are Soft Gels vs Capsules?

Capsules are essentially small cylindrical containers that hold oils or dry ingredients inside them. The container is made from gelatin or plant products and dissolves easily, releasing the ingredients into your body for absorption. In some cases, you may even be able to open them and add the contents to your food or drink. Just make sure to check with your doctor first to make sure this won’t alter the effects of the product.

Soft gel capsules are a type of capsule, but the hermetically-sealed outside is made from animalor vegetariansourced gelatin and antioxidants, and is more like a soft outer shell than a container. They often have a longer shelf life because they are resistant to UV rays and oxidation.

Pros and Cons of Capsules & Gel Capsules

One of the pros of capsules is that the outer layer protects your mouth from what’s inside. In other words, the part of the capsule that touches your tongue is gelatin, so you don’t taste the ingredients inside, even when they are potent or bitter. The outer layer will then dissolve after the capsule has been swallowed. Gel capsules’ benefits are similar, but since the outside is a smoother and softer material, they are often easier to swallow. 

A benefit of both capsules and gel capsules is that they dissolve rapidly and allow the ingredients to be absorbed quickly into the body.

The con of gel capsules is that some of them can come in a larger, oblong size which can be intimidating. If you are new to swallowing pills or have trouble getting them down, you may find them intimidating or uncomfortable. However, many products come in small sizes that are quite easy to get down.

What Are Tablets?

pink tablets

No, we’re not talking about portable electronic devices. In the world of supplements, tablets are made from a powdered version of concentrated ingredients. They are combined with a substance that bonds the powder so it holds a particular shape. Sometimes tablets are coated to make them easier to swallow.

Pros and Cons of Tablets

An advantage to choosing tablets is that they often contain the highest concentrated dosage. Make sure to take note of how many tablets or capsules you need to take to receive the intended effects. You may find that you can typically take fewer tablets than capsules for the same results.

The downside to tablets is that they usually don’t taste very good. The longer they sit on your tongue, the worse the taste gets. If you have trouble swallowing pills, you may end up with a bitter flavor in your mouth before you get the tablet down. You also run the risk of the tablet not doing its job at all, since they can be more difficult for the body to break down.

Gel Capsules vs Tablets

The important question now is, which wins the battle when it comes to soft gel capsules and other capsules vs tablets? Although both have their share of pros and cons, you may find that you prefer one over the other. 

In general, your body will benefit more from an appropriate dose of either type of gel capsules than it will from tablets. This is because liquid ingredients are more easily and quickly absorbed into the body. Although a tablet may contain more concentrated ingredients, it may also break down inconsistently and not reach the intended level of efficacy.

Plus, since a tablet will need more time to break down in your body, it takes longer to transform into a state that can be used. Gel capsules, on the other hand, are already in an emulsified or a paste and can begin working in a matter of minutes.

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