Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a widely used supplement, due to the use of hemp extracts, which may have their own health benefits. It has gained popularity in recent years, and many consumers are searching for quality supplements containing this ingredient in hopes that it will bring them the same support it has brought others. Fortunately, companies looking for CBD soft gels to offer their consumers can get exactly what they need with custom formulas and branded products from Soft Gel Technologies.

What Is CBD?

Cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana contain organic compounds we refer to as cannabinoids. The two cannabinoids we most commonly encounter are CBD and THC. When you think of someone using a product of these plants to experience a “high,” or feeling of euphoria, this would mean they are using the THC compound.

When it comes to controlled medicinal uses, however, the CBD compound is used. Since this CBD compound contains almost no THC, it does not cause the psychoactive responses that make you feel high.

What are CBD Softgel Capsules?

CBD softgel capsules are small, consumable pills featuring casings made from gelatin or other dissolvable materials and a filling of CBD diluted in a carrier oil. Among all the forms available on the market, CBD softgels are among the most effective for ingesting CBD. Many people use CBD softgel caps because they’re simple and easily incorporated into daily routines.


Featuring a filling of concentrated CBD oil, CBD softgel capsules appeal to those seeking to take CBD for various purposes. The creation process of the concentrated oil includes extracting CBD compounds using CO2. The extracted oil combines with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), hemp, coconut, vegetable, or another carrier oil.

Some formulas may also contain emulsifiers and other fatty acids, providing additional benefits, such as digestion and absorption support, or supplement appearance and stability.


CBD softgels make proper dosing easier because of the accurate measuring of the formula in each capsule. Ultimately, the strength of each dose depends on the needs of the individual. CBD softgel capsules come in low or high amounts of CBD to help individuals find the dosage strength that provides maximum benefits.

Side Effects

As with any form of CBD, taking CBD softgel capsules comes with a low risk of side effects. These can include dry mouth, light-headedness, drowsiness, nausea, and interaction with other medications. However, CBD consumption is generally considered very safe.

How Is CBD Used?

There are several ways to use CBD, but since the market is still pretty young, there hasn’t been a great deal of testing. It’s always best to discuss treatment options with your doctor before you begin, particularly when taking other medications or when you have existing health conditions. Your doctor can recommend which method of use is best for you, as well as safe dosage amounts.

One of the most common ways to use CBD is in oil form. CBD oil is created by combining CBD with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed or coconut oil, to dilute high concentrations to appropriate levels for use. You may also find lotions or salves that are applied topically.

Other methods include CBD soft gels, nasal sprays, and capsules. With CBD softgels and other pill forms, the CBD extract is put directly into the softgel in a specified dosage amount, so you know exactly how much you are taking.

What Is the Best Method for CBD Use?

There are pros and cons to each method of CBD use, so your doctor will be able to help you determine which is best for you. Many people prefer pill or softgel supplements due to their simplicity of use, similarity to other medications and supplements, transportability, and precise dosage. With CBD soft gels and capsules, it is also likely that you can take one that contains additional ingredients that benefit your specific health needs.

What Are the Benefits of CBD in Supplements?

As supplements, most forms of CBD are not evaluated by the FDA. However, research has been done regarding the benefits of CBD use. Keep in mind that although there may be scientific evidence to support positive health benefits, results may vary and medical guidance is recommended.

But people who use CBD do so because they believe it:

  • Provides mood support
  • May support nervous system health
  • May support heart and circulatory health

How to Choose the Best CBD Gel Capsules

When looking for CBD gel capsules for personal use or to sell to consumers, it is important to follow a few guidelines. For example, look for products with natural, organic ingredients from reputable sources, products that have been scientifically tested, products that are clearly labeled, and products with high manufacturing standards and quality control.

Soft Gel Technologies

Soft Gel Technologies uses a large, diverse network of quality ingredient suppliers to help you create custom formulations. We also offer bulk ordering with over 110 stock products to choose from. We have several quality certifications from internationally recognized third parties and strive to uphold the highest manufacturing standards.

Contact Soft Gel Technologies today to learn more about CBD soft gels, as well as our custom formulations, bulk distribution, and quality manufacturing processes.

CBD Softgel Capsules FAQ

Explore answers to some commonly asked questions about CBD below.

How long do the effects of CBD softgel capsules last?

The effects of CBD softgel capsules typically last between two and six hours. How long you experience the effects will ultimately depend on your body’s response, the dosage, and the formula’s efficacy.

What are the best CBD softgel capsules?

To find the best CBD softgel capsules, look for clearly labeled, third-party-tested formulas made with natural ingredients. High-quality CBD softgels always contain premium ingredients that enhance absorption without solvents or other additives. The best CBD softgels for each user will depend on the desired dosage, potency, and personal preference.

What are the benefits of CBD softgel capsules?

CBD softgel capsules have several benefits, including the following:

  • High efficacy rates
  • Ease of use
  • Clear dosage
  • Neutral taste
  • Targeted delivery of cannabinoids

Studies have shown that a CBD softgel can potentially benefit people with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation. CBD can also play a role in mood regulation.

Are CBD softgel caps good for sleep?

One of the most common uses of CBD softgels is to get a better night’s rest. CBD can help improve sleep quality and support calm at bedtime, making falling and staying asleep at night easier. Many CBD softgel capsules are specially formulated as sleep aids with the addition of sleep-promoting ingredients like melatonin.

What is the science behind CBD softgels?

As mentioned, the research behind CBD use is still relatively new, but results have been promising. CBD can aid in treating various physical and mental conditions. Taking CBD in softgel form makes it easier to consume the oil without measuring, and the body easily absorbs the water-soluble properties of softgel capsules.

What are the pros and cons of CBD softgel capsules?

CBD softgel capsules are a popular way to consume CBD, but there are a few downsides. Here are some of the pros and cons of CBD softgels:


  • Convenient—Users can take CBD softgel caps anytime, anywhere. They’re discreet, easily stored in an airtight medication container, and involve no mess or extra steps for consumption.
  • Precise Dosage—CBD softgel capsules contain carefully pre-measured amounts of cannabinoids, so there is no need to measure or guess the dosage.
  • Tasteless—Unlike many other CBD products, CBD softgels have no bitter taste. In most cases, they have no taste, and users swallow them with water.


  • General Effects—Because the body absorbs the cannabidiol, CBD softgels may not be ideal for people who would benefit from a product targeting a specific area, as would a topical salve.
  • Deferred Release—Your body won’t realize the effects of CBD capsules until they reach your stomach. As a result, they may take longer to attain their full effect than other CBD products, such as topical, sublingual, or transdermal methods.
  • Dosage Limitations—While the precise dosage found in CBD softgel capsules is an upside for many people, some may prefer more flexibility to increase or decrease their dose.

FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.