Corporate Conservation

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® is committed to sustainability and practice corporate conservation. Here’s how we’re reducing our environmental footprint:

Building a Greener Future One Kilowatt-Hour at a Time

We have incorporated a 260-kilowatt co-generation machine that generates electricity using natural gas. When the power is generated, heat is produced and can be harnessed for other elements, such as heating water for our boiler. We also have invested in two additional chiller units (45 and 75 tons, respectively) as part of our manufacturing capabilities. This ecology-friendly upgrade to our facilities supplies us with an uninterrupted source of power, independent of the California Power Grid. By providing 80% of our own power, we can be considered a reliable and environmentally-conscious supplier.

Reducing Waste in the Workplace

By adopting a strategy of lean manufacturing and green thinking, we have streamlined our production process and are utilizing our resources more efficiently. We are committed to saving more than just trees. We have reduced the amount of gelatin left over from each manufacturing run and sell the remnants to other industries, so that there is less waste.